Price & hiring

What does it cost to hire a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner?

The Rug Doctor machine is available for hire at the following rates:

Duration Machine Upholstery

Hand  Tool

4 Hours (Minimum Rate) $39.99 + $6.50
8 Hours $49.99 + $6.50
Overnight (After 4pm - 9am) $49.99 + $6.50
24 Hours $59.99 + $6.50
The above rates exclude cleaning products
These prices are GST inclusive

What do you need in order to hire a Rug Doctor machine? Is a credit card necessary? Is a bond necessary?

To hire a machine you need at least 2 forms of ID which include:

One ID from this list:

  • Current Photo Driver's License
  • Current Passport
  • Current Photo AU Student University card


And one ID from this list:

  • Debit / Credit Card
  • Vehicle registration

Is the Upholstery / Hand Tool part of the hire of a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner machine? Do they come together as a set when you hire the Rug Doctor?

No. The Upholstery / Hand Tool for cleaning staircases & tight spaces or for furniture upholstery is charged a separate hire rate. This is an additional rate of $6.50 with a 4hr - 24hr machine hire. Remember to request Hand Tool if required.

Are my details (Credit card, address etc.) secure? Can anyone else get access to my information?

At Rug Doctor we are committed to protecting your privacy. Our booking system is design to protect your information from others. Please see our other page on Privacy Policies.

Can I book a Rug Doctor machine for a certain day?

Yes. It is recommended to book the machine in advance. More so when hiring during the weekend. To book phone or call into the store you plan to hire from and see them at the customer service desk.

Can I hire a Rug Doctor machine over the phone and have it delivered?

Rug Doctor is not available by ordering a machine over the phone and having it delivered.