Machine won't spray. Loss of water pressure.

Make sure there is cleaning solution in the lower tank. If dirty water stops entering the upper tank, the lower tank is empty. Empty soiled water from upper tank and refill lower tank with fresh solution. Make sure small solution hose is still connected at rear of machine.

Improper suction or loss of vacuum power

Make sure the plastic dome is properly sealed to the upper tank. Make sure the filter inside the clear plastic dome is clean. Check the large hose connection on the rear of the machine.

No power or loss of power

Make sure the machine is switched on. Make sure the cord is plugged in and the power switch on top of the machine is on. If power is still not restored, push the reset button. The reset button may be found either on the top or back of the machine. Check your home's circuit breakers or fuse box.

Excess foaming

Add 2 oz. (¼ cup) Rug Doctor Anti-Foam in the upper tank. Do not add Anti-Foam cleaning solution to the lower tank.

Troubleshooting Videos