Upholstery Wand

$175.00 inc GST

The Upholstery Hand Tool is perfect for cleaning tight spaces, stairs, high traffic areas, upholstery, cars, boats or any hard to reach areas – anywhere that needs the professional deep cleaning power of a Rug Doctor. The Hand Tool includes a mesh storage bag and a 12 foot hose to give you plenty of flexibility to get the job done.


Clean and renew your upholsteries including fabric lounges, dinning chairs, soft furniture, rugs, mats, car seats, boat, caravan and more with the Rug Doctor Upholstery Wand. The Upholstery Wand is great to use on all those really hard to reach spots and is easy to use and manoeuvre. Used in conjunction with the X3 Rug Dr Carpet Cleaning Machine the Rug Dr Upholstery tool is a great accessory to have to continue that new carpet feel across other fabrics around your home. Hire a Rug Dr Upholstery Wand from only $5 with your next Rug Dr Carpet Cleaning machine hire or alternatively purchase one to keep at home for $120.00.

How to use

The Rug Dr Upholstery Wand is an accessory that is attached to the back of the Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machine.

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