Rug Doctor's first ever true all-in-one floor cleaner, the FlexClean deep and routinely cleans carpet and hard floors with one lightweight, versatile, compact multi-floor machine.


The powerful Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning machine and accessories is all you need when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet. The Rug Doctor Machine unique vibrating brush is used to loosen and remove the allergens and germs stuck deep in your carpet fibres, while the unique upholstery hand tool is great for those tight spots like car seats, chairs and stairs.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

2X Suction compared to leading portable spot cleaners

Rug Doctor


The all new Rug Doctor X3, Professional carpet deep cleaning at your finger tips

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

The cleaning power of a Rug Doctor in your home for deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery at any time.



The Upholstery Hand Tool is perfect
for cleaning spaces...







Cleaning Solutions

The specially formulated range of Rug Doctor’s chemicals is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the Rug Doctor machines. Rug Doctor Machines should only use Rug Doctor Chemicals for optimum results that will leave your carpets: clean, safe and fresh.

1 Litre Carpet Cleaner

  • Dries without leaving a waxy or sticky residue so your carpets can stay cleaner longer.
  • 1 Litre cleans 35 square metres (two average size rooms) carpet type and degree of soiling affect coverage.


2 Litre Carpet Cleaner

  • Solution for use in all deep-cleaning/hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine.
  • 2 Litre cleans 75 square metres (four average size rooms) carpet type and degree of soiling affect coverage.



  • Prevents suds build-up in the recovery tank.
  • Improves the efficiency of the machine, ensuring optimal vacuum pressure. Should always be used when cleaning upholstery to prevent overflow of suds in machine.


Extra Finish

Your carpets may look and smell great, but the rest of your home needs love too. Not only can Rug Doctor remove stains from carpets, we can also help you with other messes around your home. Try our unique no touch ‘urine remover’ to remove your pets and little ones accidents or the best in class ‘Spot n Stain’. Whatever the mess, Rug Doctor has a solution for you.

Britex Spot n Stain

Britex Spot & Stain Remover with active enzymes eliminates stains and odours at the source. Suitable for use on carpets and upholstery to remove stains from food and beverage spills, crayon, chocolate, oil, grease, mud and much more.


Britex Odour Blaster

Britex Odour Blaster is the effective way to eliminate foul odours on carpet, fabrics, drapery, upholstery, tile, vinyl and more. Its special enzymatic action attacks odours at their source. It kills the bacteria that cause the odour and works with or without a cleaning machine.


Britex Urine Remover

Designed to draw moisture and stains up and away from carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery.No touching, rubbing or scrubbing required. Effective against urine, blood and vomit. It has advanced formula that destroys the underlying odour and removes stubborn stains.


*Just as seen in store, the above range of products is the same product you love just with a new look!


Never wait for a cleaning service to come to your home or work again. Have the freedom to spot-treat or clean your carpet when it’s convenient for you.


Cleaning at the touch of a button it’s as simple as vacuuming! The large tank means fewer refills, while efficient brush agitation means you get the professional results you want in a single pass


Proven commercial design and professional engineering gives you pump and vacuum power.


Many commercial grade carpet cleaners cost thousands of dollars. Rug Doctor is value for money and could be the last carpet cleaning machine you’ll ever need to buy.

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