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Jack Hadrick, NSW

Stain Gone Instantly

We used it for the first time yesterday and the results were (shamefully) noticeable! It stripped every bit of grime and dirt from our carpets. All the stains were gone in a few passes. Unbelievable results, simple, cost effective.

Maria D, Victoria

Did An Amazing Job

I rented one not long ago. It did a good job on my carpets and even used the upholstery tool on my lounge suite. Did an amazing job. I had some really dirty carpets in some rooms (kids and dog). For the cost, I'd do it again. Mine came from my local grocery store.

Ashleigh H, QLD

Good Results

I've used Rug Doctor a few times and always had good results. I rented from the supermarket No difference to me where it came from. I would do it again no problem.

John Blanch, TAS

Great Job on Cleaning Carpet Dirt

After using one I hired from Woolworths which did a great job cleaning all the dirt and stains my carpets. I also used it to clean the upholstery in my car with the upholstery tool supplied.  I loved it that much that I actually ended up buying one. I love the convenience of having it around the house to use.

Michael Crosbie, Victoria

Reliable Cleaning Machine

I used to clean carpets for a living many years ago, and carpet cleaning companies out there are grossly over-priced and do little more than spray water on your carpets and hoover it off. This machine uses reliable and safe carpet cleaning solutions that lifts stains and grime and then agitates the carpet just enough to release it, then rinses it all away- what's hard about that!? If you can read, if you can follow instructions this is for you.

Nick S, NSW

Best Range of Products

I've rented RDrs several times. from my local grocery store. I had no trouble operating it. Was a little heavy, so I got tired fast. But it worked great. I did buy the detergent solution, anti-foam liquid and odor eliminator they sell which all worked well. The last couple of times I rented one, the previous users didn't do as good a job cleaning. I wiped off any visible dirt with paper towels and the Rug Drs worked just fine. I would rent again. Go for it.

Brian H, S.A

Really Deep Cleans

I hired a Rug Doctor unit from Bunnings it to use in our new home  which is full of carpets. I was wondering if it can clean as good as professional cleaning but after having 2 passes in 2 consecutive days, my carpets look like new and it saved me almost $400. Really deep cleans, and the upholstery tool hose is long enough to clean stairs.

Rebecca H W.A

Happy with the Results

I thought I would give the Rug Doctor a go and hired one from Bunnings and was really happy with the result. It was extremely easy to use, not as heavy as it looked to get in and out of my car and all the pieces worked just fine. I originally was going to do just my rugs but ended up doing my bedrooms as well. Who knew how dirty everything was. I gave my rugs a going over twice and it managed to get rid of the cat urine smell. Definitely worth a go and will be using it every year.

Julian R, TAS

Value for Money

We hire a Rug Doctor from Coles every 6 months to do all our carpets, I also do the car (wow I can't believe how dirty things get), then we recommended to our friends who also hired the machine and used it, and loved the results, It does a really good job and we love it because we can do both our rugs, lounge suite, carpets and car which if we hired someone to do the same they would want over $300 for it.  Unlike professional carpet cleaners who rush through quickly, we can take our time and go over troubled areas two or three times to make sure the stains are gone and the carpet is left clean.

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